Breaking Point predictions

I am now reading a new book. It is called Breaking Point by Alex Flinn. The book is about this boy and his mom . The boys mom & dad are divorced and it  his mom is taking it very hard, crying every night. But,the boy Paul has his own problems of his own. Paul is a outsider. He has only friend, which is a girl named Belinda. She is a good friend. Since his dad is in the military,he goes to a private school. Paul is getting bullied everyday. He tries to tell his mom, but she ignores him. Now the only person he has is, Belinda (Binky). My predictions are that Paul & Binky are going to start dating.


Plot: All American Girl

Welcome to my blog.I am going to blog about my book “All American Girl”, by Meg Cabot. One of the characters is a girl name Samantha Madison. Her parents are concerned about her grade in German.  But she mange to draw pictures for everyone and a celebrity in the drawings. Now she is in a art class that her mom signed her up for. What’s going to happen next?